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Our first newsletter!

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to the first newsletter about Hyperwars!


Today we will focus on what is currently going on with Hyperwars. Also right at the end I will briefly write about our next steps and have a great link for you to follow at the end. So let’s go!

What’s going on with Hyperwars?

Currently I’m working on revamping many of the components of the game, most notably the Agents and Clones, the resource cubes and the board’s graphic design.

Agents and Clones - during our first campaign the backers and followers helped me to decide to move from regular Carcassonne-style plastic meeples to the round-headed peeples. I included Peeples as one of the stretch goals for the campaign but afterwards I reconsidered and realised it would be much more cool if I could deliver peeples with the base game from the beginning. So, I am working with some manufacturers to try and make this possible while still financially viable for the project.

Agents and Clones

Resource cubes - cubes are a classic in board games. I love them. But to be very honest they don’t feel very thematic, even when they made of plastic and represent crates of illicit goods in a far future scenario. So I worked with a 3D artist to make an actual model to represent our crates. I don’t know about you, but I think the result is awesome! More expensive to produce? Yes, for sure, but the look and especially the feel of holding those little crates is simply amazing. Made me feel like a real corporate cyberpunk businessperson.


Board’s graphic design - I love Niklas Hook’s artwork in Hyperwars. It was one of the things that made me really feel that there is an underlying living universe in the game. I mean, who wouldn’t want to attend to a flying party? 


But honestly I think the graphic design I used on top of the art was not good enough to represent the cyberpunk vibe I wanted to give to the game. Back to the drawing board I came up with a new graphic design representing the Areas of each District and the central place for the Objective card. Well, I will stop writing and let you have a look at the result so far.


And what’s next?

I’m doing a lot of stuff for Hyperwars, but right now the focus is on getting the word out there. We are working with Next Level Web to make as many people as possible to get to know and learn about the game. Increasing our community is the main way to get the game funded on our coming crowdfunding campaign and if you received this newsletter you are already part of that community. Thank you for that!

You can help me by spreading the word! Send this newsletter to anyone you think might be interested and follow us on social media:



Oh, what about the great link I promised?

There we go: click here to learn how to play Hyperwars with The Hungry Gamer, one of the most interesting board game channel I follow.

See you soon!


Fabricio Leotti

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