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No turns. No waiting. Just fun.

Hyperwars is a fast-paced cyberpunk board game where players take on the role of large Corporations set in the dystopian city of Urbana. You are competing for hegemony in the market of illicit products.

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Learn how to play

Download the rulebook

Check out this how to play video by the Hungry Gamer

The game is played in two stages: the Action Phase and the Scoring Phase.

The Action Phase is played in real-time for exactly five minutes. There are no individual player turns. Players perform all actions simultaneously. Each card played is passed to the player on the left, creating a engaging flow of cards around the table.

​Players use their Action cards to deploy Agents and move goods from their sources to the Districts - the boards on the table. In each District players are seeking majority of Agents and exactly matching the number and color of goods requested by the District.

The Scoring Phase happens after the five-minute Action Phase ends. During that phase, the player with Agent majority in a given District is said to control it and has the chance to fullfil the needs of that District, getting points for that or failing miserably.

After all Districts are scored, penalties are applied based on the number of Actions cards they have left in their hands, and the winner is determined.

Ready for production

More than 200 hours of playtests with 500+ players. The game is absolutely ready for production.


Watch the reviews below and see how fun the game is.


"This is a frantic board game - worth checking out"

Hairy Game Lords

"Play as if the timer is not ticking. But it is."

I Teach Her She Wins

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